How to Reserve Your Budget for Debt Consolidation.

10 Jan


Keeping the budget and complying with it doesn’t have to be complicated. However, the easier the budget system is, the easier it will be to follow. Don’t think that a budget just means sticking together numb numbers and disabling yourself – instead, look for ways to create a budget that works well for you.

The following tips give you some idea of ​​how to keep your budget better without feeling like a burden or limiting your life.

Make billing automatic

Make billing automatic

Monthly invoices, such as an electricity or telephone bill, must be considered for each budget. Nowadays, however, it is possible to make standing orders and pay via e-payments, so you never have to worry about paying your bills on time – everything is done automatically, and the only thing you need to do is make sure you have enough money on your account.


Choose a system that is easy to use

Choose a system that is easy to use

There are a number of programs and harlots for budgeting, but if you don’t want to use any additional program, you can also create your budget in Excel or track your income and expenses on paper. The most important thing is that the system is easy and understandable for you. The easier the system is, the more likely you are to stick with it.


One of the most troublesome parts of budgeting is to track every outlay and keep every receipt. Sometimes, the intent of forgetting a poet’s check is forgotten. However, if this happens frequently, you may soon be struck by hand because you are unable to enter numbers in the budget.

Instead of completely abandoning budgeting, start rounding numbers. Most likely, you remember what the purchase amount was, or was close to. If you know that you spent about 19 euros in the shop, put 20 euros in the budget. That way, you can still have more money, because you count a little more in the budget than actually, but you no longer have to bother about how much each bill was more accurate.

Prepare for extra costs early

Prepare for extra costs early

If you stick to the budget, you never have to worry that the only solution for extra money is to take a quick loan without a salary certificate . The fact is that every month there may be something that strikes the budget out of balance, whether it be a car repair or an unexpected birthday that you had already forgotten.

Therefore, numbers should not be overstretched in the budget, but should take into account the small amount of space available to cover unexpected expenses. If you count on it early and keep track of the numbers in your budget throughout the month, you won’t be kicked by any unexpected.

Don’t despairDon

Most people make one budget mistake next: they whip too hard. Sometimes the money in the grocery store may take more money than they had thought, sometimes the heating bill is higher than expected. Everything can happen and it is not the end of the world if any cost category goes over the budgeted amount. All you have to do is set the budget so everything else is in balance.

This means that if you spend too much on food for example in one month, you may want to make a little bit less of a different category that offsets the amount of money spent on food. Transitioning from the budget does not mean that the whole budgeting should be thrown into the corner – instead of looking for ways to keep things under control.

Carry your budget with you

Carry your budget with you

The budget is of little use if you don’t remember how much you had taken into account for one or another outlay. When you go shopping, be sure to include a budget to remind you how much space you have and how much you’ve already spent. It also helps you avoid emotionally motivated shopping – the budget is like a pillar that keeps you firmly on the ground with two feet.

Allow yourself good


The idea of ​​a budget is not to make you live under unreasonable restrictions. Life should be enjoyed and you deserve good and better. Do not forget that the purpose of the budget is to help you control money and to live more comfortably, rather than linking you to crazy restrictions. That’s why you can occasionally allow yourself something good that keeps your mood high – be it a fuss, a little sweet or something else. With such a small extra outlay, you can also count on the budget so that it doesn’t make things out of balance later.

Make budgeting playful

Make budgeting playful

Do not treat the budget as if it were a tease that would force you to limit your life. Take it as an opportunity to overcome it – it’s like a personal challenge, a little contest. If you are in competition with the soul, you can either agree with your girlfriend that you will both watch the budget and see which one is doing better. Or you can set small mini challenges yourself. If you treat budgeting in a more playful way, it’s also easier to follow, because it doesn’t seem to be forced on you.

Don’t forget your goals


Why do you have a budget at all? If things get tough, remind yourself of the answer to this question. The budget will help you save money on a larger set of goals, help you reduce your debt burden, and eventually allow you to live your dream life. The budget is not an evil wolf trying to hurt you – it is the best way to take control of your finances and stop spending your money.

Some tricks to keep in mind


If you have never met budgeting, it may seem complicated at first. All that budgeting really means is an overview of your costs and benefits.

First of all, you have to figure out how much your monthly income and expenses are exactly. How much money does your bank account receive each month? How much do you have to spend on a monthly basis? There are costs that are fixed in size, such as loan payments, while the cost of food is harder to predict. Initially, you can set the numbers by the hour, and from there you can make more precise changes that correspond to the actual spending.

But what you should never forget about monthly incomes and expenses is other expenses. First of all, always leave some room for your budget. This amount can be 50 euros per month or 5 euros per month – no difference. However, the main thing is that you do not limit yourself too much to avoid the stress of budgeting.

In addition, it should not be forgotten that all expenditures are not fixed on a monthly basis. In summer, utilities are non-existent, but in winter they are very high. Think of all the possible variable costs and share the amounts equally between all months – so unexpectedly high spending in some months will not result in budget holes.

In addition, leave room for money saving. Everyone should have a small amount of money set aside for the so-called black days, allowing them to cover the extra costs that they could not foresee.

Keep in mind that the living conditions are subject to change career paths, can change everything in life can change from one day. The budget has not been cut into stone and therefore it should not be afraid to change it. If necessary, make the budget a little more sensible and help you better track your money. That’s the idea of ​​the budget – to help you cope better with your financial goals.