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30 Mar


Zmarta is an intermediary started by people with long experience in the loan industry. They boast that there are 17 years of experience and perhaps it contributes to smartness in the service. But why should you actually use Zmarta?

Zmarta is seen everywhere in both TV advertising and as a sponsor. The service has been created to help with several different things that have to do with your personal finances.


Compare private loans, electricity agreements, mobile subscriptions and insurance.


It started with comparisons of private loans, but today Zmarta also covers other parts of our personal finances. You can compare everything from electricity contracts and mobile subscriptions to savings accounts and credit cards.


Using the service itself is completely free for the end consumer. Zmarta earns money in the form of brokerage commission. When you choose to subscribe for a new subscription or take out a loan, they are paid by cooperating companies.

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Zmarta cooperates with 25 banks for private loans

Zmarta cooperates with 25 banks for private loans

Quick facts about Zmarta as a loan broker
Broker off Consumer Lending
loan Amount SEK 5000 – SEK 600,000
Term 1 – 15 years
banks 25 pcs

When submitting an application, many different lenders and banks are contacted simultaneously. The advantage of having an intermediary do the job is that there is only a request from UC.

If you had done it yourself, each application at an individual bank would give one request. Many requests from UC damage creditworthiness . Moreover, you do not waste time on having to contact everyone yourself.

There is currently a collaboration with over 25 lenders. These include, for example, IKANO Bank, Forex Bank, Collector and Nordax. Via Zmarta you can apply for loans up to SEK 600,000.

Anyone who has many small loans today can here easily request a quote to collect several small loans from one and the same bank, which can save many thousand dollars in lower interest costs.

Funny Zmartaindex


A fun feature on the website is what they call Zmartaindex . The starting point is that we humans find it difficult to value things in pure money. The ones you have done are trying to create some different indexes so that we can compare better.

For example, take a ski trip you want to do. Where do you get the most snow for your money? According to their index, the snow costs SEK 34 / cm in Cervinia, Italy. In Åre you have to pay SEK 157 / cm snow. What do you choose?

The plan seems to be releasing a new index every month, probably linked to the season.

Compare and find good credit cards


One new feature is that Zmarta, as a loan broker, has also focused on comparing different credit cards.


For the credit card there is a simple guide where you answer simple questions. The answers to the questions lead to a recommended card based on your profile. The questions can be if you like low interest or low fees, if you travel a lot and if you like to collect bonus points.

From low interest rates on loans to high interest rates on savings accounts

From low interest rates on loans to high interest rates on savings accounts

A third leg in the online service is to help you save more money and that in the best way. There are many bad savings accounts today that give zero interest. The major banks are worst in the class of savings rates. Zmarta has produced a comparison where you can easily find the alternatives.

One can easily list savings accounts based on their requirements and needs. You can create lists based on variable or fixed interest, if you want with or without a deposit guarantee.



If you want to get some lifehacks on the road, you can check out their fun clips on the Youtuban channel. If you apply the tips, you can save a lot of money actually and still live the life to the max. If you like to travel maybe one of the tips in the movie below can maximize your travel budget.


Compare insurance and subscriptions

Compare insurance and subscriptions

Insurance is a world that can be difficult and tricky. Many find that they are being tricked and that it is difficult to trust the insurance companies. Here, Zmarta has tried to simplify so that we, as consumers, can compare different insurance policies against each other.

Insurance of car

You who own a car need some form of insurance. Failure to insure the car quickly becomes costly as the vehicle is reported directly to the Transport Insurance Association . Then, as a vehicle owner, you get to pay a traffic insurance fee, which quickly becomes much more expensive than the insurance premium you should have paid to an insurance company.

At Zmarta you can fill in details about you and your car. The service then gives you various suggestions for car insurance that can be suitable if you want full, half or traffic insurance. You can also read more about what is included in the different forms of insurance. Not all vehicles should or must have full insurance for example.

Mobile and broadband subscriptions

Mobile subscriptions and broadband are also such an area that can be difficult to know what you really need. Zmarta has developed a quiz that gives guidance to a subscription that can suit you.

You answer a bunch of questions about your way of using or how you want to use your mobile. You will then receive suggestions for the subscriptions that suit your behavior and needs.

The same applies to various solutions for broadband. If you already have a subscription, you can use the guides to compare and see if you can find cheaper options.

Better electricity contracts through Zmarta

Through the acquisition of the well-known electricity agreement comparator Elskling, Zmarta can also help households improve their electricity contracts. The process is simple and it only takes a few minutes to get the comparison done.

A red electrical outlet

Provide information about your current electricity agreement and consumption. You fill these in and if you live in a villa or apartment. Then you get direct suggestions for the 3 best based on either price or customer satisfaction. Do you want to see more, you can browse through a very long list, but why check on something other than the best?

Zmarta Group


The company behind has a rather long history that starts already in 1999. Then the company was called Mortgage Services and the business revolved around mortgages. In 2003, the company was purchased and with that, the name was changed to Freedom Finance.

In 2015, Zmarta was launched and the following year, the company also changed its name to just Zmarta Group. As recently as 2018, the electricity price comparison service Elskling is purchased and finding good electricity contracts is included in the Zmarta Group’s consumer services.

The company is today owned by a German media group called Bauer Media Group. In Sweden, developers and administrators at Zmarta work at the offices in Ängelholm and Stockholm. In our neighboring countries, they are located in Oslo and Helsinki with the same type of offers.

We regularly check which lenders and brokers receive judgment. Zmarta is very good at and has very high ratings on Trustpilot, an independent and transparent service for reviews.